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The Final Result

Its been a long season and finally I have had the courage to lift the giant onions.

These onions were sown on 1st January 2016, and were a Christmas present from the good lady.

The experiment to grow a big onion used varieties “Ailsea”, “Mammoth Improved” and “Giant Exhibition”.

Potting the seedlings on in March with the addition of “Rootgrow” I was very fortunate this year, unlike last, not to suffer any deaths and they all grew really well in the greenhouse.

Planting these out into their final positions through black sheeting to keep the ground warm and weed free in May this year.

Overall, I think the variety “Ailsea” won the day. The other two varieties did grow really well with 3lb onions in each, but the most consistent large onion was definitely “Ailsea”. And the onion with the biggest roots was “Mammoth Improved”.

I wish I tried them in the greenhouse to see if they would grow any bigger, and the largest this year was 3lb 5oz, which I don’t think is bad for a first attempt.

First Fruits

Although we have had some great rhubarb from the allotment this year, these are really the first fruits of the season.

Fresh picked are some of the strawberries from the plants that I split up earlier in the season. A lot are quite small, but there are still some corkers in there.

I have grown radish before, but I have never grown this variety. There are loads to come, and I am today going to sow a second, and perhaps a third row they are that nice.

Blooming Gooseberry’s

One of the first plants to show any leaf growth this year was the gooseberry.  Now they are starting to show their first flowers, which will of course form the fruits.

The bees were loving the pollen on this very sunny day, and of course while they are feverishly at work, they are pollenating my plants at the same time. Hopefully I will get a bountiful crop of goose goggs this year all being well. Il keep an eye out for the greenfly this season.