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Giant Onions take two

After failing miserably with the giant onions last year, I seem to be having a little success this. Nearly all the seedlings sprouted and I don’t think I lost any. I planted them out at the end of May and they are fattening up quite nicely.

Although, my main crop of Sturon that I planted as sets looks like it has been sprayed with weedkiller accidently by the neighbour. Very disappointed, but part of having to share an allotment I guess.

Blooming Gooseberry’s

One of the first plants to show any leaf growth this year was the gooseberry.  Now they are starting to show their first flowers, which will of course form the fruits.

The bees were loving the pollen on this very sunny day, and of course while they are feverishly at work, they are pollenating my plants at the same time. Hopefully I will get a bountiful crop of goose goggs this year all being well. Il keep an eye out for the greenfly this season.

Bringing in the ‘Dough’

Just when I got back to my car after another great fishing trip to my lake I was fortunate to be able to get a snap of the farmer bringing in his crops for the year.

It is very evident just how short this crop of wheat is. I presume this has been modified in order to stop so much wind damage and the fact that hay is not made anymore, produces less ‘stalk’. Not a poppy to be seen, producing the highest ‘yield’ possible.

One of my favourite things watching a combine at work. Many years ago they also used to burn the stubble following the crop but that now never happens and it is simply ploughed in.