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Giant Onions take two

After failing miserably with the giant onions last year, I seem to be having a little success this. Nearly all the seedlings sprouted and I don’t think I lost any. I planted them out at the end of May and they are fattening up quite nicely.

Although, my main crop of Sturon that I planted as sets looks like it has been sprayed with weedkiller accidently by the neighbour. Very disappointed, but part of having to share an allotment I guess.

First Fruits

Although we have had some great rhubarb from the allotment this year, these are really the first fruits of the season.

Fresh picked are some of the strawberries from the plants that I split up earlier in the season. A lot are quite small, but there are still some corkers in there.

I have grown radish before, but I have never grown this variety. There are loads to come, and I am today going to sow a second, and perhaps a third row they are that nice.

Planting Out The Giants!

Amazingly, this year the giant onion seeds have done very well indeed. I think I have only lost around 5 plants as opposed to last season when I lost a lot. maybe the sprinkling in cinnamon really does work to stave off infections.

Drilling larger holes in the black plastic I planted the young plants with more “rootgrow”.  Hopefully the black plastic will keep the raised bed warm and keep moisture in the soil also.