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A Temporary Resident

Due to my work, I find myself a temporary resident of Wessex. This does mean that I am almost in casting distance of my favourite pool.

As I arrived this warm overcast evening I met the manager who was there in preparation of a friendly get-together he had planned for the following day.

After a chat, I aimed for a swim that I had not fished in absolutely ages, and watched fish roll as I was tackling up.

I hastily cast out and tried to relax with a cup of tea as my float kept being knocked all the time. Line bites I thought, or something small having-a-go as I was using a larger hook and a good sized bait aiming for a Tench.

Nothing happened! I let the situation carry on for about two hours, I then reeled in and dropped a hook size which led to almost instant action.

Firstly, I landed a small Roach and then the Crucian’s appeared. Although I was hoping for a Tench, it was lovely to see Crucian after Crucian. I missed most bites. There were definitely Tench in my swim as now and then I would get a clonking bite and the pin sang for a brief second. These bites never materialised as I’d dropped to a smallish hook. Not to mind, I had a cracking evening. One note, I didn’t land a single Perch, which was the total opposite of my previous visit to this pool.

A Day I Had Looked Forward To

It has been quite some time since I have been at this lovely little pool, certainly more than one year and I had been looking forward to fishing here.

The pool looked in great condition thanks too all the work parties that had carried out works throughout the seasons.

I had brought with me my trustee Floatcaster “De-Luxe”, not my favourite Floatcaster in my collection, but it has the added backbone to tame a Tench, which is what I was looking for today.

I had setup in a swim that I do not normally fish on the opposite bank. Really nice and level with a little cover, although slightly hazardous casting. It did not take long before the float moved and Roach after Roach crossed the net. This only changed when the Perch began to prowl and I landed perhaps five; but no Tench.

As the afternoon moved onto evening I was sure that weed had begun to drift into my swim, bites became thin on the ground until finally the float dipped under and I landed a whopped of a Tench, totally out-gunned by a large Hardy Altex reel and the Floatcaster. This was quickly followed by a whopping Crucian too.

Apart from last year, I always seem to be fishing on midsummers day and now I try to always make an effort to be out fishing. This evening however was not midsummer-ish at all. The temperature dropped so much that I could see my breath in the air, and it became so cold my head hurt. Never mind, tomorrow would be the Strawberry Supermoon to look forward to.

A perfect night

It was a perfect night for bonfire night this year. It had been cold for the past days with very little wind. A full moon arose, along-with a very cold chill.

The display was as good as last year. Being over a weekend, bonfire night and fireworks had been going off for the previous nights. There was a cracking display that was watched from our upstairs window in the comfort of our own home, accompanied by an alcoholic beverage or two. Strangely, no actual bonfire, but the Fire Brigade had turned out?

Bluebell Hedgerows

Spring is probably my favourite time of year.

Not only is it the time to be completing new fishing membership forms for the forthcoming course fishing season, it is the time when the hedgerow lanes burst into colour.

Ferns, Bluebells, Corncockle, Red Campiion, Ramsons, Meadow Buttercup and the wonderful Cow Parsley form part of our native hedgerows at this time of year. The Bluebell of course, a highly prized delicacy of the rabbit.


Remember, Remember the 6th of November!


Remember, remember the 6th of November!

I cannot recall a bonfire night so cold. The 5th saw torrential cold rain, with a good measure of hail and sleet mixed in. I thought the night would be a total wash-out this year. Miraculously, around 18:00, the sky cleared and we could venture-forth. We were lucky to see some great displays; the latest kicking-off at 21:30. As soon as this display was ending the heavens opened again and we were treated to yet more sleet. Even the gritters were on the main roads tonight; not a good sign so early in November.

The 6th saw the best display this year, which was held near the grounds of a local castle. The day was a mirror image of the 5th, with heavy rain/sleet on and off all day; and the sky clearing allowing just enough time for the fireworks.

The gritters were once again on the roads tonight. I fear we may be in for a long bad winter.

Christmas Surprise

I am not one for sending cards. Nor do I ever expect to receive in return.

However, this year I received from a good friend this card. It was on our mantelpiece for some days before I realised what the picture was.

The person who sent this I know to be fond of Tunnocks biscuits, but what they didn’t know, is that I am a great fan too.

An argument will always rage; are these cakes or biscuits? but either way, they are very nice.

What is nice as well, is to receive a hand made card. Thank you very much – you know who you are.

Merry Christmas to you all!

5th November

It was a wet and rainy Bonfire Night, we still had a blast!

Amazingly the rain stopped just as the first firework was lit. We have not been to this particular display for some years, and it did not disappoint.

I would say the locals would not be getting their bins emptied, nor their street lighting switched on for some weeks, as the amount of fireworks that went up in smoke must have cost the council a small fortune, but very, very much worth it.

Remember, Remember

Remember, remember the fifth of November?

Here are some really nostalgic pictures of fireworks and their posters from yesteryear.

Can you see your favourite amongst these? My favourites were definitely the ‘Air Bombs’ which are now banned unfortunately, along with probably all the other really good fireworks that you used to be able to buy.