Another Season’s End

It has been a number of years now since I have managed to fish on the final day of the course fishing season.

Watching the water level on my favourite river in Wessex over the past few weeks looked really promising. It is a spate river you see and reacts to the slightest bit of rainfall. In fact, this river at this time of year is often in the fields.

The forecast was not great with rain the few days prior to the last day and on the 14th. However, the gods smiled and although the 13th proved rain all day, the 14th was met with a piercing blue sky.

The river was still quite high and coloured but it was falling. The fishing was tough, but a few fishing buddies did get together and we toasted the end of the season both on the bank with tea and at the end of the day round a log fire and a pint and a local inn.

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