Remember, Remember the 6th of November!


Remember, remember the 6th of November!

I cannot recall a bonfire night so cold. The 5th saw torrential cold rain, with a good measure of hail and sleet mixed in. I thought the night would be a total wash-out this year. Miraculously, around 18:00, the sky cleared and we could venture-forth. We were lucky to see some great displays; the latest kicking-off at 21:30. As soon as this display was ending the heavens opened again and we were treated to yet more sleet. Even the gritters were on the main roads tonight; not a good sign so early in November.

The 6th saw the best display this year, which was held near the grounds of a local castle. The day was a mirror image of the 5th, with heavy rain/sleet on and off all day; and the sky clearing allowing just enough time for the fireworks.

The gritters were once again on the roads tonight. I fear we may be in for a long bad winter.

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