Winter Onions

Finally lifted my winter onions.

I planted these in September 2013. Very slow to grow but now I have them drying on a bench in the greenhouse. This is the perfect location for onions as there is a  vented window right under the bench pushing air upwards, and the onions get a direct blast of sun from the roof.

Although from the same family, the opposite must be remembered for Garlic – keep them out of the sun and in cool conditions to dry them off and store.


New Years Day 2013

New Years Day sees the very first plants being planted in our allotment. Bare root gooseberries, early, main crop and late raspberries , Buddleia, and a number of Clematis plants on the back fence to bring lots of pollinators into the allotment.

All planted with microrhizal fungi in order to develop really good root systems. Along with good old horse manure.