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Out With The Onions

Finally, the sets of Sturon that I planted in cell trays in the greenhouse on March 27th this year are ready to be planted out into their final growing position.

These, as well as the Red Barron have done really well again this year in the greenhouse, unlike the seeds of Giant onions which are still looking very worse for ware.

Each onion was set 8.5 inches and one boards width apart, this provides lots of space for all to reach their full potential. With each onion I put a sprinkling of onion fertiliser and watered them in well. Although it started to rain just as I was finishing the last row. We are actually forecast to get very, very cold with even the possibility of frosts and potential snow!

I had a couple of sets left over. I will plant these out with the Red Barron which I will put in later this week.

Spuds Are In

At last I have planted my first potatoes this year. I don’t know why I have left it so late this year as we have been blessed with dry warm weather for a couple of weeks now.

It has taken two attempts to riddle the soil to get rid of yet more large stones and glass, nails and god knows what else. Eventually I was reasonably happy with the soil structure and have planted the first early’s ‘Arran Pilot’.

Each row has had a good sprinkle of fish, blood and bone meal as well as organic potato fertiliser. The number of seed potatoes worked out perfectly, nine in each row, twelve inches apart.