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WWI at Beamish

Every year people come from far and wide to the Beamish Steam Fair. Unlike many other fairs; at Beamish the engines are in their proper settings, and not just standing motionless in a field to be admired. They are worked and driven around the Museum constantly. This year, the Beamish Steam Fair focused around World War One, with many vehicles and displays from this era.

Apart from the fantastic steam engines, there were also displays such as wood cutting using a steam powered machine – very interesting.

Along with the larger steam driven engines, there was a great show of steam cars and military motor bikes. Not to mention the poor chap who had the task of riding a penny farthing bicycle across tram lines and down the cobbled streets of Beamish under his own ‘steam’.

Beamish Downton

It has been forecast today that snow has blanketed the whole country according to the BBC. In other words, there is one millimetre of snow from London to the Watford Gap and obviously the whole country has now come to a standstill.

I don’t think so. On a frosty day like this there is nothing better than a walk in the country.

We ventured forth, trudging through the winter blocked country, through mountains of snow to take another tour of Beamish. A location to the very famous series Downton Abbey. This is no film set. Beamish is a living and working museum.

Fantastic to see the church finally complete and we were treated to a detailed history of the building which parts of date back to medieval times.

Traditional Farming

The farm at Beamish is actually a working farm, it is not simply there for show and originally belonged to the Shafto estate. A lot of old traditional methods, long since died out in modern farming are kept alive on the farm.