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It’s Planting Season Again

Although Christmas just seems like last week, we are now in the middle of March. Not so long ago I would be found on a riverbank in search of a final Roach or Dace at the end of the course fishing season at this time, but not this year. My fishing days are on hold, and will be for some time.

It is great to get the first seeds planted, and for me Tomato’s are the first of the year. This season I am growing varieties Sweet Aperitif, Sweet Million, Sungold, Orange Beauty, Golden Sunrise, Rainbow Blend and the good old Moneymaker. Such evocative names of hot summer days eating colourful salads; let us hope.

I will only pot on about 21 tomato plants, any more than this in my greenhouse I find the plants often get problems and certainly crop less. Any spare, of which there will be many, I will give away.