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It’s Been A Good Year For Onions

It has been a good year for onions indeed. As part of an experiment I sowed the first batch mid November 2016 and they grew well. I sowed a second batch on New Years Day 2017. One of each of these I grew in the greenhouse.

The experiment did not go as I would have thought and the onions in the greenhouse went over weeks ago. The largest which was the November sowing only weighing 1lb 11oz.

The onions which I grew in a raised bed on top of a black membrane just kept growing. They had the same treatment as the onions in the greenhouse, including the same feed and at the same times. I did loose a couple of the outside onions, but on the whole they have done very well indeed, with the largest this year weighing in at a whopping 4lb 7oz! I also had a few onions just short of this mark.

I know from last year that these large onions do not store very well, so following a short drying-off in the greenhouse I will give as many away as I can.

The Big Onion Experiment

Last year I managed to grow an onion that was over 3lb. This was grown outside in the raised bed. This I was very pleased with, but I wished that I tried to grow one in the greenhouse to see if it would grow even bigger. Protected from winds I thought I could grow a four pounder!

I was very kindly given onion seeds for my birthday last year and sowed them in the middle of November 2016. These came on very well and did not suffer any damage from frosts in the greenhouse. I was given a second batch of seed at Christmas, and planted the second batch on New Years day 2017. I was hoping that the earlier sowing would benefit from a longer growing season.

The experiment has not worked out as I thought. The two onions that I have in the greenhouse have gone-over so I have had to lift them. The New Year sowing weighed in at 1lb 5oz, while the November 2016 sowing was a little heavier at 1lb 11oz. Not the result I had expected.

The outdoor onions are still growing and are visibly larger than the greenhouse onions. I will lift and weigh them when they are ready, and I’m sure I have at least one three pounder.

Time to Transplant

These Onions I sowed mid November 2016. Let’s see if the early sowing grants even larger onions this year. I note that year (2016) I potted-on the large onions in March, so this year these are really ahead of the game.

Again, planted with a pinch of Mycorrhizal to aid root growth.