Loss Of An Old Friend

Getting time off work is always nice. Even better is finding time in this hectic life to get fishing. Only the second time this season I have managed to get to my local pond. An early night was had in preparation for an early start.

I did not start as early as planned, and sat with a mug of tea listening to the rain hammer down outside, while contemplating whether to go fishing or not, to get a drenching or not?

Suddenly the rain abated and made the decision for me. Soon I was on my short journey too the pond.

I was very surprised to see someone else in the car park unloading their gear. I was even more surprised to see two other anglers (poachers) on the pond before me. I found a place out of the way in an overgrown old swim. A lot of the swims have been left and are now overgrown. Some totally unfishable, but just the place where the fish, or Tench are likely to be hiding.

Armed with the usual tin of corn, I settled down with my flask of tea. As ever at this pond, the Carp were evident all over the surface. Most looked between 2 and 5 pounds, but there were some double figures cruising the surface. After a biteless hour I noticed the rod rock in it’s rest, and the reel ‘sang ‘out it’s loud rasp! Although I was sitting right next to the rod, the fish made the middle of the lake with ease such was the pace of its run, almost as soon as I tried to stop it, the line snapped. A clean break as if being caught on some underwater snag. Normally when this has happened to me the line breaks near the hook, but the line had broke higher up, and I had lost my classic red-tipped quill float that I have had since 2011. That float had helped catch Roach, Dace, Chub, Tench and even 20 pound plus Carp, and now was lost.

Disappointed, I re-tackled with another float and it was not long before I had another bite. This time I was sure was a Tench, but the hook pulled. I re-baited and cast again. Soon after I had another run, clearly this was a Carp and this time I had it under control and managed to keep it near the surface. Landing it was a bit treacherous as I was fishing very close to large reeds and rushes on one side, and a bed of water lillies on the other that the fish knew all about trying to snag me on one and then the other. Eventually I won the day and managed to land a good double figure mirror Carp. Unfortunately the batteries had died in the camera so I could not take a picture of it.

Maybe next time I visit the pond that float will be sitting at the waters edge, just maybe.

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