These Three Kings

For the past two years now I have grown very successfully Cayenne chilli’s from seed. Over these years I have also purchased plug plants of the very, very hot variety from a plant specialist and have been let down both years by the supplier not delivering what I ordered, and offering substitutes in their place.

I have grown these substitutes on, but they never have come to anything much and have never got a crop from any of them.

This year however, it is different. I have just taken delivery from ‘World of Chillies’  in East Sussex, three Guinness Book of World Record plug plants. ‘Carolina Reaper’, ‘Butch T scorpion’ and Bhut Jolkia (Ghost Chilli). These three plants are the official ‘Kings’ of heat. The plants that have been delivered are far larger than anything I have received from any other supplier previously. Further more, they all have great root systems. On top of this, the company has even emailed me detailing excellent instructions on how to grow them properly, right down to getting the potting mix at the very first stage correct.

Hopefully this season I will get fruit from them.