This years Chutney

After a woeful tomato season, I have hardly picked one ripe one, I was sure that I did not even have enough to produce any green chutney this year.

Today the clocks go back and I have left it as late as possible for the few tomatoes to grow on in order to gain any crop at all.

Cropping and cutting down the plants  is a really satisfying experience, clearing the way and the greenhouse for new things to come.

The recipe I used stated that the ingredients should cook for one and a half hours. Three hours later I was still simmering this concoction down so the flavour I hope will be really intense. A little conscious I have added 2 chillies this year I hope I have not added too much heat as I only made this addition for a little extra level of taste without any intention of making the chutney spicy, we shall see on this one after its 2 months maturing in the cupboard.

I will try and save a jar for the last day of the fishing season again.