July Jam 2014

2013 saw me reserving the few fruits we had from the young first year strawberry plants I had recently planted. Saving them up in the freezer until I had around 2lb in weight of fruit.

Obtaining a fool-proof jam recipe, I set about adding the same amount of sugar to the strawberries, along with the juice of half a lemon. Bringing this too the boil and then turning down to simmer. I kept a close eye on the mixture for some time, stirring occasionally. Foolishly, I left the mixture for perhaps 60 seconds while I made a cup of tea and when I returned I could see it was over done. I still potted the mixture up, but upon opening some days later to try the jam, we required a jack hammer to get anything out of the pot it had set that hard. Gutted would be an understatement, I had wasted all the fruit we had for the year.

2014 has seen a better crop of strawberries in their second year, and I set about making a Rhubarb, Raspberry and Strawberry Jam.

Same recipe, same method, although this time I did not leave the stove!