Rome was not built in a day

After 4 years on a waiting list for an allotment, August 2012 saw the start of the clearance of what only can be described as a rubbish tip to make way for installing raised beds and a large greenhouse.


The pictures are from September/October 2012. When we first took over this allotment, you simply could not even see the ground it was that thick with weeds. It was so thick, it was impossible to get a spade into the ground. I ended up spraying and leaving for 2 weeks. I wish I had started my allotment picture diary back then to get a then and now comparison. Needless to say, it has taken a massive amount of work, time and money.

We managed to fill a one tonne skip. Finding at least three different wooden structures and countless panes and bucketful’s of smashed glass. Trips to the local tip were endless.

I dug a  two foot deep trench all the way round the allotment and part of the wire fence is buried to this depth in order to make the allotment rabbit proof.

I also dug a French drain, filled with rocks and stones at the front of the allotment in order to alleviate any flooding issues that may occour.

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