Tomato’s Last Stand

It has been a great year for tomato’s . I think all will actually ripen on the vine, and I won’t even get enough for a chutney. The chillies however, are quite the opposite. It is just as well that I still have loads left over from last season in the freezer and they are all still good.

As usual I do like to plant one or two tomatoes that I am familiar with that I know should give a half decant crop and then plant others that I have not tried before. This year I planted the good old “Moneymaker”, a tomato that always does well, maybe not the tastiest, but will still produce. “Sweet Success” which failed miserably last year, has done well for me this.

Other varieties were “Sungold”, “Sweet Aperitif”, “Rainbow Blend”, “Crimson Crush”, and “Orange Beauty”. The finest of them all this year was Sweet Success, with a taste that was out-of-this-world!

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