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The Rain Has Ceased

After what has seemed to be an eternity, the rain has stopped this afternoon. The sun has not put in an appearance yet, but at least the birds can get about and feed. This fella was certainly happy singing from the very top of a huge old Elder in the allotment. Notice the buds on the Elder, ready and waiting for this year.

What I long to see and hear now is the Blackbird sing from this exact perch, then I know spring is close. I fear this may be some time away as we are heading towards a very cold snap.

Maybe this Robin was delivering this exact weather forecast and instructing all its kin to feed while they can, before the ground turns hard and white.

Ok, So Santa Brought Me A New Camera

Over time I have managed to take some great snaps with a little pocket cheap camera. Having to enhance and clarify most pictures in Photoshop to bring them up to a decent standard.

This Christmas I have been very fortune in receiving my first ‘Bridge Camera’ It takes some great shots and goes through batteries like nobody’s business so I will have to order some rechargables for it.

Although still post processing photos in Photoshop some of the results are spectacular.

First Seeds Of The Year

This year I have been very fortunate to be given for Christmas 3 types of giant onion seeds. They are ‘Mammoth Improved’, ‘Ailsea’, and ‘Giant Exhibition’.

The Giant Exhibition really did not come to much last season although I got onions they were not very giant.

So today, the first day of the new year, I have sown these seeds and will hope for good things this year.

I was also very fortunate in getting a wooden trug. It was very pale, and the wood very dry so I have lathered it in linseed oil which will protect and also give it a little waterproofing.